Meet the team

Tim Sharland, Superintendent

Tim graduated from North Shore Community College with a degree in horticulture. He is a true outdoorsman, likes to work in the field and oversees the general health of all the turf and facilities.

Jeff Staeger, Agronomist

Jeff is a true veteran in the golf world. He has worked as the agronomist and superintendent for several of the local courses. If you see a cart running around with a dog in the front seat, it is likely Jeff chauffeuring him around while inspecting the health of the turf.

Doug Smith, Greens Keeper

Doug Smith has been with Laguna since 2005. Other than grass Doug is a motorcycle aficionado who used to have his own business selling motorcycle parts. As a child Doug lived next to a farm and always wanted to drive equipment.

Denny, Pro Shop Manager

No course would be complete without a pro shop, a pro manager and a starter. Stop by and meet Denny.

He will be sure to get you off straight.

Bill Oakley, Event Specialist

Bill is a seasoned veteran with experience doing numerous sales and events at Moreys Piers. He understands client needs and is always willing to go out of his way to deliver exceptional service. Bill is also an aficionado of the sport so don’t be surprised if you see him honing his short game.

Polly Pollock, Instructor

Polly is a seasoned golf instructor who brings her expertise and love of golf to the Big Little 9 all the way from South Africa. She is also the sole instructor in the area certified by US Kids Golf.

New Ownership

The Morey family is pleased to welcome the Big Little 9 to their collection of entertainment and resort properties. The course offers a unique slice (pun intended) to their passion for family entertainment. We are certain that once you experience the course’s beauty and uniqueness, you will be hooked (also pun intended).

As with the amusement piers and waterparks, we are already planning new attractions and amenities for the future. On behalf of the Morey Family, I welcome you to the Big Little 9.